Helping / Donation Plan MLM Software

Help Plan MLM, also known as Gift or Donate plan, is the latest concept in MLM Industry, based on a community of real people helping each other. In the Help Plan, no one is lender and no one is debtor.

Everyone is simply helping each other. The Gift MLM Plan / Help Plan / Donation Plan is a Next Generation concept in the MLM Industry and many international Companies are using this plan. There are millions of people who are taking advantage of this Help / Gift / Donate Plan.

Help Plan MLM or Gift Plan MLM is normally based on Give and Take Concept. This is very attractive plan among MLM leaders as in this concept a MLM member can give a single help to a Member and get multiple help from other members. Even though the plan is not legally approved at present in India, many but many countries allow such MLM Donation Plan or MLM Gift Plan.

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Our Binary MLM Software Modules & Features

Admin Panel

  • Donor / Help Management Module
  • Commitment Management (Single / Multiple)
  • Input & Output Details (At A Glance)
  • Storage Fund Management
  • Help Link Management (Auto or Manual)
  • Help Traction Management
  • Request / send Help Link Management (one to many - many to one)
  • Member Panel

  • Commitment Management With Mobile OTP
  • Promotion management
  • Help Transaction History management
  • Referral Management
  • Bonus/ Deduction Management
  • Fund Request with Growth and Working Income
  • Wallet Statement (Level Income, Referral Income, Binary Income)
  • Ready to get started

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